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Steam Boiler

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Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

Product Range

Steam boiler
Rated evaporation: lOt/h - 220t/h
Rated working pressure: 1.25MPa - 9.8MPa
Rated steam temperature: 450°C - 540°C

Hot water boiler
Rated thermal power:14MW - 168MW

Structural features of this series of products

  • NThis type is boiler is natural circulation single drum water tube boiler with 門 type structure. The furnace adopts the structure of suspended closed water wall furnace.
  • This kind of boiler adopts water-cooled air chamber and water-cooled air distributor, and uses under-bed ignition structure.
  • The separation process of the boiler adopts water-cooled/high-temperature adiabatic volute cyclone drum, which is arranged outside the furnace. The separation efficiency is over 99%.
  • The superheater, economizer and air preheater of the boiler are arranged in the tail shaft.
  • The boiler has wide adaptability to various kinds of coal. All kinds of inferior coal and gangue can burn well in it.



  • 密封性能好爐膛燃燒室采用膜式水冷壁結構。
  • 出力足受面布置充分合理,鍋爐升溫升壓快。負荷調節范圍大,能在30—110%負荷下穩定運行。
  • 防磨性能好爐膛采用特殊防磨材料和施工。
  • 環保脫硫效率高,燃燒充分
  • 分離效率高分離效率為99%。
  • 煤種適應性廣各種劣質煤、煤矸石均能很好燃燒
  • 安全自動化程度高鍋爐運行采用遠程和近地監控,自動控制和監測儀表齊全,安全可靠,操作簡便。結合工業自動化控制技術、互聯網技術、計算機軟件和人工智能技術建立工業鍋爐物聯網平臺,可實現遠程人機交互和數據共享。